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A Summary of My Night in a Run-On Sentence

Well! I had an interesing night!
My dad was talking on the phone to his ex wife and from the sound of the yelling, it wasn't a good conversation and my dad got really pissed and punched some holes in the coat closet door and pretty much ruined it and I got mad so I left but I took some movies from blockbuster to return them because they were late anyway and I sat in a business parking lot and studied for my sociology final because I didn't want to go home right away and then I drove all the way out to the mall, and started on a route and drove to the Embassy because I have to go out there anyway and I figured out that it was actually a really easy drive and then after that I was driving home and I wanted ice cream but I couldn't decide if I wanted Dairy Queen or Zesto's so I got a Frosty from Wendy's and then I went home and everybody's acting as if nothing happened but my dad's not here and neither is the door so he probably went to get a new one...or not.
The end.
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LJ Help...Again!

Okay, since I'm not very good with LiveJournal, can anyone help me with the icon table? I have one made out, code and all, but I'm not very sure how to insert the code (or where, for that matter). Any help would be great. No help...not so great, actually hahaha.
Do I directly paste the code in my Journal entry? I tried that and no table came up, just code. XP Not cool.
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A Plethora of Dragons


It's more of a plethora of Dragon Balls...but that sounds dirty. XD
I've updated my deviantART page with many tracings (because I suck at freehand) of Dragon Ball Z/GT characters.
Have a look here:

Also, I posted a oneshot Bulma/Vegeta fic on The girl in the story was originally not Bulma, but my own OC, but I ended up changing it because Bulma + Vegeta Forever ♥w♥
You can read it here:


And here's a short preview of the tracings that I've done (these, the rest, and other incredibly random things up at the linky link) =D

But remember....These are just tracings. Not freehand drawings. I'm not that good x_x
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LJville, I'm having a shit time trying to figure out how to upload my Watchmen video. Youtube won't let me (I've tried twice) and I uploaded it to MegaUpload but it said that my video is unavailable.

Does anyone have any links to help me?
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Defacement D=

Hello LiveJournal world. I haven't posted in a very long time and I would like to share a story with you that happened to me today. I'd like some feedback because I'm really kinda confused.

So my friends and I were waiting for our friend to get out of her class and we were sitting outside of the visual arts building. There's this sculpture that has a big marble wave like water and in the middle is an iron globe and you can reach through it. There are trees behind this with really pretty white flowers on them and so I took a flower and put it in the middle of the iron globe and it kinda looked cool. If I had a camera, I would have totally taken a picutre and it would have been my own kind of art, whatever. Not long after that, we were still sitting on the same bench and these older guys (like in their 40's maybe) walked past us and one looked at us and asked, "Can you guys believe someone defaced that piece of art?" And they were actually kinda mad about it. I think maybe they were maintenance. But I just looked at him in fake disbelief and was like, "Man!"

Defaced?! Seriously? I mean, I've seen a freaking top hat in there. That's not as bad as a flower. I don't know why he got so mad about it. I mean, I would understand if I put something bad in there like, I don't know, a cheese sandwich. But what the heck. Calm down, man, it's just a flower.

And the way he said it, I think he knew I did it. But uhhh whatever. What's he gonna do about it? It's gone now.